12 April 2006

The Difference (?) A Year Makes

One year ago, I was fretting over my ankle injury and thinking about ankle anatomy and what the injury would mean in terms of surgical treatment and physical therapy and all that.

Now I'm in a phase of the OEC course dealing with musculoskeletal injuries and their causes, signs/symptoms, on-hill treatment, etc. Interesting reading, for the most part, but I'm finding the shoulder and ankle stuff a little boring. Wonder why that is...hmm...oh right. Been there, done that. Got the surgery scars to prove it.

Although the book says you don't want to reduce (pop back in) a dislocated shoulder on the hill (leave that to the physicians, it says), I gotta tell you as a veteran of many dislocations of the glenohumeral joint, I'd rather have that puppy popped back in with all due haste.

I didn't really have a point. I just wanted to write a post with "glenohumeral" in it.


brando said...

Yipes, those look like some nasty ouchies. I'm a big baby when it comes to pain.