24 April 2006

Coolness, Soreness, Illness

That's a lot of -ness, one might say. But no Loch Ness. I ain't givin' that monster no tree-fitty! Anyway...

The Coolness:
The missus and I were running errands on Saturday, and those errands led us to a nearby Safeway. There, I found a new-to-me local micro from Deschutes called Buzzsaw Brown. Not only did it sound interesting (I like brown ales), but it was on sale, so of course I grabbed a 6-pack. Great stuff! Reminds me a lot of Wolaver's organic brown, but there's something just a little different. Not having had Wolaver's in a few weeks, I can't put a finger on it, so we'll just say it's a little different. Very good brown ale, but as usual, it's a seasonal. Maybe I should start a campaign or petition to keep it on their roster year-round.

The Soreness:
I should have gone skiing Saturday. I might be less sore. Instead, Saturday afternoon was spent at softball practice. A couple friends asked if I'd mind playing softball with them this spring/summer, and I was interested. I hadn't played since I was in the Army in Germany, and I kinda missed it. Plus, I wanted to see how the ankle would hold up. Seems to have done pretty well. Had to ice it afterwards, but no problems. My legs and arms and back are another story, however. Sprinting all over the outfield to catch fly balls and field grounders that got past the infield, for a guy as out-of-shape as I am, is a recipe for very sore muscles. Plus, I haven't swung any sort of sports implement (racquet, club, or bat) in a very long time, and doing that as an out-of-shape guy will get you sore quickly. Only one complete whiff during batting practice. No long balls, but I'm a bloop singles hitter anyway - just drop it over the infielders head and get on base. At least I'm making consistent contact. I remember actually striking out a few times in Germany. Pretty embarrassing to get fanned playing slow-pitch softball.

Hey, at least my calves aren't sore. One nice side-effect of the ankle surgery rehab.

The Illness:
Just when I thought I was well again, I've got some kind of nasal sinus yuck going on. Felt pretty crappy this morning, and actually had a couple bouts of equilibrium problems. Got some nasal spray and amoxocillin from the doc and I'm feeling better already. Back to work tomorrow.


brando said...

I've struck out playing slow pitch too. It is actually sort of odd at first because the angle is almost straight down. Reading your post makes me want to go to the batting cages.

Ghost Dog said...

Yeah, it is weird, trying to hit some of the rainbows they pitch you. Still feel like a loser when you whiff one.

Hopefully it doesn't mess up my golf swing. Ha! Like it's any good anyway.