17 March 2006

The Squeaky Wheel...

...gets peace rallies to block transit on Sundays. Or something like that.

It's most likely not the case, but I'm going to pretend that my ranting about protesting and crap delaying my transit home had something to do with the fact that a peace rally that will affect transit downtown is happening on a day when I don't have to ride the train at all.

They can rally all they want on Sunday while I'm skiing. Ha!


Barkernews said...

Great blog.
Glad you stumbled upon my blog. Go Army! I was actually in the Air Force... but we can still be friends. Ski Patrol's gonna kick ass. See you at OEC!

Ghost Dog said...

Thanks! I enjoyed checking out your blog as well. I see you're a K2 guy as well. Makes up for you being Air Force. :)