07 March 2006

RIP Kirby Puckett

2001 First-ballot Hall-of-Fame baseball player Kirby Puckett died yesterday. Jayson Stark wrote this about him today at ESPN.com:

"...this was a man who transcended his height, his weight and
his shape unlike just about any baseball player ever has."

He certainly did. It's sad that he fell from grace the way he did, sadder still that he died so young, but he was one of those guys you were just amazed to watch - this short, pudgy guy making spectacular plays in center field, covering ground the way he did.


Anonymous said...

It's sad of Kirby's passing and I'm sure its a struggle for all who are so famos.

I saw on the news yesterday a cool painting of Kirby is being made, not sure it might be for the Twins.

Life Size Painting of Kirby Puckett