03 March 2006

Pitfalls of Public Transportation, Part VI

Well, it's not the fault of the transportation system this time, but my own idiocy.

Fare inspections on MAX tend to come in bunches, at least for me. I'll go weeks, even months, without seeing a fare inspector, then get asked for my pass 3 or 4 times in the same week. Normally, I buy a monthly pass around the 22nd of each month. I order it online and it arrives usually within 2 days. The regular process is that I slip the next month's pass into my wallet behind the current month's pass, then I don't have to worry about remembering to change it out on the first.

Guess what I forgot to do? And guess what happened?


Dumbass here forgot to put his March pass in his wallet when the missus pointed out to him that it arrived. And a fare inspector hopped on 2 stops before my normal point of detraining.

2 things prevented me from getting a citation today. One was the fact that I've never been cited for not having my fare. The other was the fact that I had January's pass still in my wallet. The inspector saw that, commented that he'd seen it and figured he'd believe my story that my March pass is sitting on my desk at home.

On the plus side, I had 2 good games of baseball on the PSP during my journey into work today, beating the Cardinals 6-5 and the Reds 9-1. Hit my first Grand Slam today. Sweet.


Major Clanger said...

I'm disapointed that I'm not able to start a campaign to get you out of jail for fare evasion. I can see the T-Shirts now - "Ghost Dog is Innocent" and "Free Ghost Dog"! So next time, try to think of other people when you are avoid being unjustly arrested, just thing of all that money I could have made...