30 March 2006

OEC, Week 1

Tonight was my first class session of Outdoor Emergency Care, the course I'm taking as part of my Ski Patrol training. I'd been studying the eight chapters that were assigned as pre-work for the course, and let me tell you, I put in quite a bit of time memorizing stuff like BP and respiration ranges, rapid assessment, human anatomy, mechanism of injury, and so on, expecting a pretty hefty first-day quiz.

It was basically ten questions. I got them all correct.

Not to say all that studying was overkill, however. I mean, there was obviously a comparatively tiny amount covered on the quiz, but much of what I'd absorbed in the last couple weeks came to bear when we were practicing some hands-on skills.

Tonight, we focused on using supplemental oxygen, taking pulse and blood pressure, and the rapid body assessment. Poking and prodding your classmates is an interesting task to get used to, and it sounds like we'll be practicing the assessments all the time.

I have to say that taking blood pressure is a colossal pain in the ass. I could barely find my partner's pulse, much less hear it with the stethoscope. Gonna take a lot of practice to get that one down pat. The only part I'm any good at so far is pressurizing and releasing the BP cuff.


Crystal said...

Congrats on acing your quiz!

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