06 March 2006

The Monday Gripe, Part I

Seeing as it wouldn't be Monday without something to bitch about, I'm going to start another semi-regular series of posts here at Gone Ronin. Due in some small part to the marginally popular "Pitfalls of Public Transportation" series, I give you "The Monday Gripe". You cool kids can just call it "TMG" if it makes you sound hip.

Without further ado, Part I:

I work at a pretty big company in CompuHyperGlobalMegaNet. It's big enough that we have our own cafeteria, which is pretty nice. I can skip breakfast at home and get something to munch on at my desk while I sift through the e-mail that arrived since I checked last, prepare for any meetings I have in the morning, and generally just ease into my day.

Lately, my breakfast choice to complement my giant Steelers mug full of ice water has been 2 slices of whole wheat toast, usually with butter and grape or strawberry jam. A problem I've noticed - and it seemed far more pronounced today than usual, thus prompting this post - is that the toast will sometimes taste all garlic-y. While not a bad thing if you wanted it that way, it doesn't mix well with the sweetness of the jam.

In fact, it tastes kinda crappy.

Wonder why that happens, I asked myself. Then I realized the situation. The cafeteria has those big conveyor-belt type toasters. Not a problem in and of itself, but when you have a bunch of people toasting their garlic bagels outside-down (who does that?), the garlic kind of burns onto the conveyor and transfers to whatever gets toasted next.

Maybe I should switch to garlic bagels. Or eat before I go to work.