26 March 2006

Marvelous Timing

Well, the illness is subsiding. Finally bothered to take my temperature yesterday, and found I was hovering right around the century mark. Yikes. No wonder I felt like shit.

Today, I'm feeling lots better than the last several days, but certainly still feeling the effects. Sinus pressure in just the right spots to make my head feel kinda floaty, and still hacking up nice light-yellow goop from time to time. Just perfect for studying Chapter 6 of the Outdoor Emergency Care textbook - Airway. Four more chapters to go before class on Thursday. I'd better get cracking.

The timing of this sucks because I have an all-day lift pass at the Mt. Hood Ski Bowl, courtesy of my in-laws (Christmas gift), which expires April 1st - and I'd planned on using it this weekend. Maybe I should take Friday off and go skiing.

Yeah, right. After having missed this past Thursday and Friday being sick. That'll go over well.


Major Clanger said...

Hey, sick days != vacation! Just cause you were sick doesn't mean that you can't take a day off. Frack 'em and go skiing... :-)

Ghost Dog said...

I like the way you think, sir!

brando said...

I hope you get better man. It sounds like you're on the up-n-up.