02 March 2006

Games Are Supposed To Be Fun, Right?

I started playing my MLB baseball game on my PSP recently, now that I've finished Grand Theft Auto and Madden 06 isn't terribly relevant at the moment. Should be fun, previewing the season and stuff, right?

So far, it's a little frustrating. For some reason, I can never seem to throw out anyone trying to steal second. Also, I've tried to throw to second from the outfield only to see it sail all the way to home plate, thus allowing a runner to stretch a single into a double or triple. Pitching is a real bear also, if you use the meter. I can simplify it by using the easier (but lamer) interface, but I want to be able to control the power/release/location.
For some reason, I can't seem to get my runners to advance quickly enough. I've had guys thrown out at second on what should have been an easy double. Maybe I just need to work on memorzing the controls a little better.

One thing that has been fun though, is picking runners off first base. I've managed to do that just about once a game, if I'm persistent enough. I know in a real game, you'd never try a pickoff move 5 consecutive times, but what the hell. And it's nice when you guess the pitch and knock it out of the park. The graphics are pretty good, too.

I'm doing season mode, and 13 games in, I'm already a few games under .500. Maybe I should play as the Yankees or Red Sox instead of my beloved Pirates. Might actually win a few games in a row instead of only winning the games when Oliver Perez is the starting pitcher.