10 March 2006

Bloody Weather - Again

This is freakish and bizarre. Never snows in March around here, at least not that I recall. But then I've only been out here since 1997, so that's as far back as "never" goes for me. Granted, there's not much here on the valley floor and most of it's melted by now, but it was really cool driving into work yesterday and seeing the winter wonderland look coming up the hill out of the Vista Ridge Tunnel.

What was weird was last night, when I went to register for my Outdoor Emergency Care class (step one in becoming a Ski Patroller - I count the tryouts as step zero), it was cloudy but no precipitation, and didn't seem cool enough to snow. I got out of the registration & briefing maybe 35-40 minutes later, and it's snowing giant heavy snowflake clumps. Weird. Same kind of thing happened at lunch, but in reverse - went to lunch in a blizzard, 40 minutes later it's starting to clear up.

And to think last year, I was complaining about having to mow the damn lawn in February.


tabitha jane said...

i agree . . . it's been strange around these parts.