13 February 2006

Yikes - US Downhiller Kildow Crashes

Link: http://www.nbcolympics.com/news/5103822/detail.html?qs=pt=espn

It was just a training run, and it sounds like she's not as banged up as initially feared. I didn't see the crash yet, but the description in the article above sounded pretty harsh. Hope she's okay.

UPDATE: Lindsey's apparently a pretty tough cookie, and hasn't ruled out racing on Wednesday, when the Olympic Womens DH is scheduled. Sounds like she's been walking a little. Quotes from here doc: http://www.usskiteam.com/public/news.php?pA=2&dId=2&sN=1&aId=1959

UPDATE AGAIN: Lindsey raced!! She finished 8th, which is very good, especially when you consider what she's been through. Wow. Check out this article, with a link to an interview with Kildow. Sounds like she's planning to compete in the other events (GS, Super-G, and the Combined).


Major Clanger said...

What was all that nonsense with the new skis? It wasn't a good day for the US skiers. The half-pipe was more successful!

Ghost Dog said...

Dunno what that was all about. I heard Rahlves switched to a capped ski after Miller went, because he thought it would be faster, I think.

I raced for quite a few years as a youngster, but never had enough money to have enough pairs of skis for that to be an issue. I skied on what I had, and prepared them myself.