27 February 2006

So Much For Attention To Detail

I completely missed one of the major milestones of this shameless self-indulgence known as blogging - my one-year Blogiversary (February 6th). Probably got lost in the shuffle of that whole football game thingy.

If I'd been paying attention, I might have done some clever retrospective or something. As it is, I will leave you with the final line of that first post:

"Or I might forget I even have a blog inside of a week."


Crystal said...

I forgot my first blogiversary too... *laughs*

tabitha jane said...

mine's coming up! thanks for reminding me!

happy blogversary!

are you gonna have a party? take your blog out for a romantic dinner??

Ghost Dog said...

What do you get for the blog that has everything?

Mister Jinxy said...

Happy belated.

Ghost Dog said...

Thanks, y'all.