20 February 2006

Ghost Dog On Patrol? Maybe Next Season

Nope, not for the police.

Saturday, I shadowed a Mount Hood Ski Patroller - a co-worker of mine named Jeff - on what was my first day skiing this year. I'm beat, as that was easily the most exercise I've had in a single day since my ankle surgery. It's that good kind of sore.

The morning was pretty uneventful, met a bunch of the patrollers at the ski bowl, and put in a bunch of runs rotating in and out of the 'bump' at the top of the Multorpor chair. Checked in on some of the race courses around the mountain, to make sure they had the appropriate setup in terms of keeping the public off the race areas, to avoid accidents. Gorgeous, if cold, day for skiiing.

The day got interesting in the afternoon - what some of the guys refer to as "the witching hour", which is after lunch - when there were a few folks who'd crashed or fallen and needed some assistance. It was a good learning experience, and I soaked up as much as I could from Jeff and the other patrollers, since I'm planning on joining the MHSP. Tryouts are next weekend.



Good Luck on the try-outs!

punkindunkin said...

Yes, it was cold on Mt. Hood last Saturday. It was my first skiing day of the year too. Hell, it was my first time skiing ever!

I was at Mount Hood Meadows where the bunny hill ("Buttercup", I think) scared the crap out of me. I spent the majority of the day falling down, getting back up, swearing up a storm, and trying feel my fingertips. I've been told that skiing is actually fun....

Good luck on the tryouts!

Ghost Dog said...

Thanks, y'all.

tabitha jane said...

oooh good luck!