26 February 2006

Another Day On Snow

I'm getting greedy...the more I ski, the more I want to ski. Need to figure out a way to ski for a living and leave CompuHyperGlobalMegaNet behind...

I went up for Ski Patrol tryouts on Saturday. It was looking like a great day for skiing, and it looked like there had been some new snow at Ski Bowl since I was up last weekend. Turned out to be a little windy, but not bad, and some spots of sun here and there. I wish I'd had my camera - the view of Mt. Jefferson from the top of the ski bowl was beautiful.

After the orientation and interview down in Government Camp, I met up with the other 4 candidates in my ski test group at the top of the upper bowl. Lots of small talk ensued, waiting for the patrollers who would be assessing our skills on the hill. Seemed like we waited forever, but our testers were a cool bunch of guys and we all relaxed a bit when they showed up and started describing what they were going to have us do. They handed us each a numbered bib, to keep track of who's who, and I knew I was going to have a good day when I saw I was getting #86 (Super Bowl XL MVP Hines Ward's jersey number).

First, they pretty much just watched us free-ski on one of the steeper pitches on the upper bowl, then we got into some of the more technical drills. After having us link together some controlled carved turns, we went back to the steeps and did some side-slipping drills and kick-turns. I kinda bobbled my second kick-turn, but executed a couple more to perfection. Basically, they wanted to see if we were strong enough skiers to handle the sled training we'll be going through next season. We did some skiing in steeper, choppier terrain, and in the trees as well, and then some more edging/control stuff. After our last run of the testing, I rode up the lift with one of our evaluators, and he told me he thought I was a very good skier and that I was 'pretty much in'. This wasn't much of a surprise to me, given the fact that I've been skiing practically my whole life, but it's always nice to hear compliments - especially on something I take pride in doing well.

I'll get official notice in the mail sometime soon, then it's off to get a CPR class, then start the Outdoor Emergency Care course in late March.

After the ski test, I took a run by myself, then met back up with one of the skiers in my group from the test, and we skied a few runs on the Outback section of the upper bowl. The snow was good, but a little heavy, so we called it a day a little early. Man, am I out of shape. I should be able to do all of that skiing and not get so tired or sore. Guess I have yet another excuse to get to the gym. I might actually do it, this time...