06 January 2006

Six Days In...

...and I finally get around to posting again. And it's probably not even all that good of a post. This is not a good way to start the new year. Good thing the Steelers won out and got into the playoffs. More football to look forward to.

Anyway, I've been sick. Caught the gunk that's everyone here at work says "is going around". Except I caught it after being away from work for like a week, so I can't blame my co-workers. I've got that cool-sounding raspy-deep voice now, which is probably the only good side-effect. Too bad that's temporary.

I didn't want to let being sick ruin my New Year's Eve celebration, so Becky and I went over to Ryan & Kelly's kickass NYE party anyway (I wasn't too sick yet - it was just starting). I had a couple Wolaver's brown ales way before midnight, then drank OJ afterwards. Becky was making (and drinking) all manner of mixed drinks for folks at the party, getting rave reviews from partygoers. Good thing for her that she remembered our hangover prevention (Gatorade and Excedrin before bed), as I was really coming down with the cold thing the next day - being sick doesn't help you nurse the spouse's hangover. By noon or so on New Year's Day, she was feeling better and I was feeling worse. But I had a great time, so it was certainly worth it.

Rest, fluids, and getting re-acquainted with my WWII computer games were the order of the next few days. I finished Call of Duty and Medal of Honor Pacific Assault, and have started in on Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30. That's a pretty kick-ass game. I'm to the point now where I have command of 2 teams, but when I lead my assault team to flank the enemy while my fire team suppresses them, I keep running into more of the Nazi bastards. They're everywhere. Maybe Jinxy or Punk can help me out.

One (or both?) of the dogs decided it would be fun to chew on the phone wire on the side of the house. This was after they'd chewed up the dryer vent. I sat on a trash bag for what seemed like an hour, re-splicing the wire. My ass was almost totally numb for a good while afterward. Why'd I put myself through that? It's the line that the TiVo uses to connect and get schedule info and all that. Yup, a vital lifeline.
Now the dogs are chewing up the 4x4 posts that support the covering over the back patio. Time for some sheetmetal, I think. They're chewing up the siding on the house, too. Maybe we should pull it off and have brick/stone on the side up to about 3 feet or so...

This is also the time of year at the office where we're doing our annual reviews. Managers send out requests for feedback on their employees' work over the past year, employees write up their own self-assessments, and all that crap gets processed and you end up with (hopefully) a raise that might be somewhere below the inflation rate. So, in addition to all the crap you normally have to do, plus getting caught up after the holidays, you get to write up your 'brag rag' and respond to performance feedback requests. I received 28 such requests this year. Hooray.


Mister Jinxy said...

I thought they finally hacked off the leg.

tabitha jane said...

what is it with your dogs and chewing man?