22 January 2006

Nice Work, Steelers - Now Go Get That Lombardi Trophy!

Another impressive Steelers victory today, and they are going to face the Seattle SeaChickens in Super Bowl XL. Ben Roethlisberger made good on the promise he made last year to The Bus that he'd get him to Detroit.

I'm so jacked up. I haven't been this excited about the big show in a decade, and I think that the Steelers have a good chance to win the big one this time. They've shown that even if their running game isn't getting it done, they can move the ball through the air, and that makes them dangerous indeed.

Go Steelers!!!

My whiteboard at work, where I've tracked the Steelers' progress every season for the last 4 years. This year includes the Playoff Revenge Tour. I happily updated it this morning when I got in.

I celebrated with a brew I'd never tried before. We were out with some friends last night at the Horse Brass Pub here in Portland, and went to Belmont Station afterward to check out the huge and varied selection of beers from all over the planet. One of the guys suggested I try an ale called Fraoch, which is brewed with heather instead of hops. The recipe has been around apparently since 2000BC. The stuff is pretty good. A honey-colored ale, I'd say medium-bodied, and about average bitterness. The heather makes it a very different taste than hopped ales, but it's not so different that you'd mistake it for anything but a sort of light amber ale.


Mister Jinxy said...

Dry erase board? You are such a nerd.

Congrats, though.

brett said...

booya steelers! yay steelers! i'm so excited. it was on my white board that the steelers would go to the superbowl this year and some a hole erased it a month or so back. argh. hey, where in puddletown can i pick up a jersey or banner for the game? email me or post a comment on my bloggy. thanks