09 January 2006

Ghost Dog Reviews: Main Street Ale House

I got so jacked up about playoff football that I forgot to post about the place we went for dinner Saturday night. So, here goes:

We went out to the Main Street Ale House in Gresham. We'd been to the building before, some years ago when it was a brew pub under a different name, which I've forgotten and isn't important anyhow. We were out with some friends and my sis-in-law and her boyfriend. Seemed like a pretty decent place, actually. Very open for a pub, kind of the way the Laurelwood was, with a high ceiling. We sat at tables, but the booths looked comfortable, and there was a fireplace as well as several TVs dotted about.

The food:
The missus and I ordered Flatiron steaks - mine pretty much plain, and hers in a brandy cream sauce with onions and mushrooms. Both were excellent steaks, but hers was awesome. I kept stealing pieces of her steak with mushrooms.
I had some fries off somebody's plate, and I'd say they were better than average, but nothing spectacular. They seemed to be beer-battered, but I didn't think to check the menu.

And the beer:
I tried the Demeted Duck Amber Ale first, and I'd rate it an excellent amber. Not too hoppy, and it was a little lighter-bodied than most ambers. Good color, and certainly tasty.
The missus let me have a taste of her beer, which I can't recall the exact name of, but it was a kind of lighter lager. Not bad, just a step above your average light beer.
Next, I had their Oatmeal Stout, which I also can't recall the exact name of (their seasonals aren't listed on the web site). This is another one of those seasonals that should be an everyday brew. You could really taste the roasty-ness of the malts, and it was very full-bodied.

I finished up with their Roberts Red Ale. It's a good red, a little more hoppy than I like, but tasty.

All in all. it's a nice place, with food prices just a little steeper than your average brewpub, but not exorbitant. The s
taff was pretty good, a little slow at first, but they were helpful with the table situation when we had to rearrange for more people. I'd go back.