23 January 2006

Attention SeaChickens Fans...

Your team will not steamroll the Steelers in the Super Bowl just because they pummeled a one-dimensional (some might argue they were 'half-dimensional' yesterday, if there was such a thing) Panthers team who basically asked Steve Smith to try and win the game for them.

That is all.


Jen O. said...

Have you see this? http://www.steelerbaby.com/

It's so totally Airwolf.

Ghost Dog said...

I have indeed.

"Black, black, black, black'n'goooooold!"

Tanya Kristine said...

i'm afraid i kinda want seattle to win becuase haven't they never won?


but i'm torn because the steelers was my dads team..."was"...he's gone now... *sniffle* damn life.

Ghost Dog said...

You're correct - they've never won the Super Bowl. This is their first appearance. They've won some playoff games in past years.

Sorry about your Dad.