15 January 2006

Another Step In The Drive For #5


What a gut-wrenching end to a playoff game today. I have never been more pleased to have a healthy heart, as the last 2 minutes of today's Steeler win would certainly have given me a heart attack otherwise. As the great Myron Cope would say: Yoi!
2 very dubious officiating blunders almost cost the game, even before Bettis' fumble. I can't believe they robbed Troy Polamalu of that interception, and that non-call on what was CLEARLY pass interference on that deep ball to Randle El were inexcusable. Good thing the Steelers played well enough to win it anyway.

On to Denver. Here we go, Steelers, Here We GO!!!

Jennifer Garrett - if you're still dropping by, sorry about your boys yesterday. They had a tough season, and really battled back from a 4-4 start.

UPDATE: I did some perusing through my SiteMeter stats and found a handful of folks who visited recently searching for Steelers fans here in PDX. Cool. The visitors came to my review of the Skybox Pub & Grill. Curious to see if anyone had commented, I looked back at it, and found this gem from Punk-san:

The Colts looked really good. The Steelers...not so much. They'll be a different team in the playoffs.
Prophetic, I'd say. 2-0 on the road, and despite the Broncos being the #2 seed, I think they have a very good shot at going to Detroit.


rebecca marie said...

holey moley. i only got online to say WOW.


that was an unreal end. totally.

Jen O. said...

That game was SO Airwolf. Without the Eagles to cheer on, The Steel is my new favorite teeth. You can't go wrong when you root for that Hines Ward smile.

Jen said...

I actually felt a smidge of love for your boys when they followed my agonizing Saturday with a glorious Sunday, complete with the return of the Peyton Manning Face.

Hell, I'll root for the Steelers all the way to the Bowl for that.

PseudoIntellect said...

knock knock...

Who's there?


Peyton who?

Peyton's free for a charity golf tournament Super Bowl weekend...again. Maybe he can call up Marino.

Mister Jinxy said...

Congrats. I'll root for you guys when you play the Raiders next week.

Major Clanger said...

Let me be the first to congratulate you on the raider's win!