12 December 2005

This Is December Football

Putting aside the disappointment of not having any snow to play in myself, I settled in to watch my Steelers play the Bears at Heinz Field yesterday, where it was most certainly winter.
I was finding myself wishing I could be out there, and was reminded of one game of touch football with some co-workers in the driving snow some years ago. I hopped on over to the Post-Gazette's web page to see if there were some great pictures, and there certainly were. Go check them out, if you like football in the snow.


PseudoIntellect said...

Go Steelers!

Great win!

The AFC playoff picture is shaping up nicely, but a wilc card date at New England or Denver doesn't look too hot! Hope that the Bungles stumble!

Ghost Dog said...

Yeah, I was pleased to see both KC and SD lose. I'm only a little worried about NE, but Denver can be tough.