05 December 2005

More Blog Tinkering

Seems like I'm never quite satisfied with this blog's functionality. I just had to go muck about in the template, after a little bit of poking around in the Blogger Help looking for new and interesting bells and whistles to implement. Here's what I did:

  • Moved the Atom feed link from the "Links" section to just above the "Previous Posts", and made it one of those nifty chicklet image thingies
  • Added one of those link chicklets for the FeedBurner feed
  • Made the Archives pull-down take you to a page that lists the post titles grouped by date, and the titles are links to the post pages
  • Added a "Links to this post" feature. You can see it under the Comments section, and it will show you what (if any) posts link to the post you're looking at. Kinda neat.

So, there you have it. You may commence heaping praise on me for my skill at cutting and pasting code from the Blogger Help into my template. Actually, it did take a little bit of skill to make the stuff work, since I don't think the Blogger Help folks had in mind to use the "Links to this post" feature along with the "peek-a-boo" comments.


Mister Jinxy said...


Ghost Dog said...

Thanks. I wasn't up for an "Extreme Makeover: Blog Edition" like you did, though I do like the result.

rebecca marie said...

oooooh! my likie what you did to the archives!

tabitha jane said...

wow . . . sort of overwhelming but wow. :)

if only i had the skillz you do.

Ghost Dog said...

If you're interested in implementing any of that stuff, let me know. I'd be happy to help. Almost all of what I've done can be found in the Blogger Help, but I had to customize most of it to make it look the way I wanted.