17 December 2005

Chili Dipper

Normally a golf term that means a bad shot taking out a huge divot, I've been using "chili dipper" (pronounced "chill-ee dippah") as a term for a cold day.

Today is a chill-ee dippah, as was yesterday. The wind on my side of Portland has been positively howling, and will cut right through anything not made of whatever it is heavy ski parkas are made of. I think it got all the way up to 35 today, and with the 40mph winds, AccuWeather.com's "RealFeel" temp is thirteen. Frickin' freezing indeed, Mr. Bigglesworth.

We finally got around to getting our tree today, and it looks marvelous. $10 got us a 8-footer, of which I ended up hacking off about 13" so it would fit better in the house. That's got to be the cheapest tree we've ever purchased, by at least $10, and probably the best one in the last five years or so. I didn't have to kneel in any mud in the driving rain to cut it down, either, like the last couple years. I'll get some pictures up once we get all the decorations on it.

Oh, I also talked to my brother, who arrived back in Vermont yesterday following a year fighting the war on terror in Iraq. He sounds good, and is looking forward to getting on the slopes. Thank you, Jim, and thank you to all who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice so much so that we civilians can sit on our asses and post whatever we damn well please on our blogs - and so much more.