18 November 2005

Trivia Jihad

My Friday bloghopping took me to Quitty McQuitter today, and there I read about the Trivia Jihad happening in Boston, which is being chronicled on the blog Tonight We Drink For Free (Again). This seemed rather interesting to me, as someone who is drawn to trivia games, so I checked it out.

The blog's tagline:

"Sixty-two venues across the greater Boston area host weekly trivia games with up to $40 in cash prizes. One October day, two grad students with nothing better to do dared to ask the question: given three months and a limitless appetite for drinking for free, just how many of these 62 venues can one visit and how much trivia cash can one win? Thus was the great Trivia Jihad born."

What a fascinating [trivial] pursuit. Oh, damn it, that was awful, wasn't it? I couldn't resist. Sorry.

Anyway, now I find myself wondering if any such thing happens here in Stumptown. Time for some research.


Jen O. said...

Trivial pursuit, indeed. Have you found any Quizzo spots in Portland yet? If not, it may just be because of local nomenclature issues. Some people call it Quizzo or Quizo, others Pub Quiz, and still others call it Pub Trivia.

Looks likle there are a few in your area:

If you go, tell us about it!

Ghost Dog said...

Cool, thanks. The one on Belmont isn't terribly far.

Shawn said...

As one half of the Boston trivia Jihad, it is good to hear that the word has spread to Portland. I highly recommend that you establish a cell there and keep us posted on the Portland trivia scence. This would be much appreciated.

Jenn said...

The other half of the Boston trivia jihad also sends her encouragement for a Portland Trivia Jihad Sleeper Cell. If I do make it to Portland, trivia will be on my schedule and I will follow any recommendation you may make in that regard.

Ghost Dog said...

I'll post about it when we go. I think we're going to do the one either at Biddy's or the Belmont Inn probably after the holidays.