23 November 2005

Space Monkey 7

So, I've been playing Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories on my PSP pretty much every workday on my MAX ride since I bought the game. I should be finished with it, but I like just going on rampages with a tank or just causing as many wrecks as I can. Sometimes, I just go around looking for things to jump my car or motorcycle off of. Then there's getting on top of buildings and sniping people. I like popping tires of the cars that are waiting at traffic lights, too.

Anyway, a side-effect of playing the game is hearing the songs from the "radio stations" in your head. A lot. "K-JAH" is my favorite station, as there's just something about driving around, stealing cars, and killing people while listening to reggae that's just amusing to me. They play a bunch of rather odd commercials, and one of them is for a video game called "Space Monkey 7".

This makes me chuckle every time I hear it. I wish I could figure out a way to save it off as a .MP3 for you all to hear. If I ever find the script, I'll post it. Ah! Spacemonkey!

UPDATE: I found the commercial script at gamefaqs.com:

Space Lady- This is Beta Station to approaching Space Station SST.
You are out of approach vector, Please respond.

(Monkey noise)

Space Lady- Please Respond.

(monkey noises)

Space Lady- Oh NO! They're coming back!

Announcer- He's back. It’s Space Monkey Seven, the video game that swept
through most of Japan and Europe.
Now America gets to destroy mankind all over again.

Dr. Chank- Ah! Space Monkey!

Announcer- After a Nuclear Holocaust, the monkeys leave earth.
But they return to destroy the dark simian research facility
controlled by Doctor Chank.

Dr. Chank- Ah! Space Monkey! I stick those bananas up your ass space monkey!

Announcer- Fight the Fossils, and not the ones in our game design department.
Discover your Origin. Give in to the beast within. Darwin's dangerous idea,
just got worse. Its fun family friendly apocalypse that will keep your little
monkeys entertained for hours.

Dr. Chank- AAAAAH!

Announcer- Space Monkey Seven.

Dr. Chank- Space Monkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!


Speko said...

I've got the Spacemonkey 7 commercial in Mp3, if you're interested.

Ghost Dog said...

That would so rock! Got a link?

Anonymous said...

can u send the link to page plz? or to me