19 November 2005

Harry Potter #4: Movie Good, Theater Experience Bad

The missus and I went and saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire last night. Excellent film. The kids are getting better at acting, and the look and feel of the film was great. Certainly the darkest of the bunch, and we both really enjoyed it.

Now, on to the bitching.

We went to the 10:30pm show, thinking there'd be fewer kids. WRONG. Lots of slack-jawed teenagers with their cell phones and 2-way pagers and crap. They took the "please silence your cell phones" warning far too literally, apparently, because I kept seeing lights from the displays out of the corner of my eye throughout the film. The phones may have been silenced, but they were texting away like mad. Annoying as hell. They're not doctors or firefighters or Secret Service or anything like that, so there's no way they're so damned important that they need to be available.

Oh, and then there's the idiot wench behind us who kept telling Harry to ask various female characters to the ball. It's a fucking movie, bitch, not a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book, so shut the fuck up! Beck says that person was talking at other points in the movie as well, but I somehow managed to tune her out.

Then there was the brilliant parents who brought their baby to the movie. At 10:30pm. They're probably the same parents who wake their baby up at 5:30 so they can get to the Sears 6 am opening on the day after Thanksgiving.


Major Clanger said...

Sorry to hear you had such a bad theater experience, Ghost Dog. I went to a 5:30 showing on Saturday. There was a baby and someone next to me who insisted on pointing at the screen a lot and explaining everything to his companion. ("Look at the chest - it'll be important later") and other helpful comments. Not as annoying as your experience. FWIW, I find that theaters downtown are less full of teenagers than the burbs...

Robert Paulson said...

You should have kicked someone in the face and screamed, "I'm a KARATE MAN!"

"It's a fucking movie, bitch, not a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book, so shut the fuck up!"


rebecca marie said...

oh man, i so totally hope book seven is a choose your own adventure!!! j.k. could rig it so that it always ended up the same, but we could all read it over and over with new adventures each time.

ghost dog, you just had the idea of the century!