29 November 2005

Ghost Dog Reviews: Skybox Pub & Grill

I dragged a handful of co-workers who are Steelers fans out to the Skybox Pub & Grill last night for the Steelers' Monday Night Football game against the Colts. The loss certainly didn't help matters, but I wasn't terribly impressed with the place.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette web site lists the Skybox as a "Black & Gold Hangout" (misspelling of "Milwaukie" Ave aside). Without the 8 or so of us that I rounded up, there would have been maybe 4 Steelers fans in attendance. I realize this is Portland, Oregon, so I shouldn't expect the place to be jam-packed with Steelers fans, but I did expect more than 4 others.

The bright spots: they had Deschutes' Jubelale on tap. This is a roasty malty winter seasonal which I enjoyed. (Speaking of winter seasonals - there's a festival this weekend!)
Also, the place was smoke-free. I didn't realize it, but after checking the web site, they've been that way since 2001.
Our waitress was pretty good, too. She checked on us regularly, and kept the water and beer coming.
The place definitely looks the part, as well. Lots of sports memorabilia on the walls and even the ceiling. Some pretty neat stuff.

The not-so-bright spots: For a sports bar, they didn't have a single truly 'big-screen' TV. There were 3 TVs over the bar that I guess were 36" or so, and another maybe 8 or so TVs in the rest of the pub, and they were all probably 27" or smaller. Not a really great place to watch MNF or any sporting event, IMO.
The food...average pub fare. Nobody at the table raved about any of it, and I had what I'd call a serviceable cheeseburger. The fries weren't that great.

Verdict: I might go back, but only if I'm with a group again. The only real draw for me here is the beer and the fact that I'm sure I won't come home smelling like an ashtray.


Robert Paulson said...

The Colts looked really good. The Steelers...not so much. They'll be a different team in the playoffs.

Ghost Dog said...

Yeah, the Offensive Line was just that - Offensive.

I thought the defense played pretty well, minus Ike's brain fart on the 80-yard TD pass. He was looking in the backfield instead of locking up on Harrison.

PseudoIntellect said...

The Colts looked exactly like...mmm...well...the best team in football...to put it mildly.

I am a Steelers fan to the core, understand that. I realize Ben was out for two games, Tommy Maddux should have been cut and sent to Taji, the defense played well considering a couple of costly mistakes, and they will be a different team in the playoffs.

If they make it... Think about this now. They still have to play Cincinnati again, they have a worse record than the Broncos so losing the Division to Cincy would be dreadful as the Bolts are playing great and Freakville already beat them. They do have the tie breaker over SD though.

Having said that, and I hope this doesn't pan out because I will be the first guy to remind you that Tee Martin won the National Championship at UT - NOT Peyton, but this Colts team looks special.

It may not matter who else does what else in the NFL because it looks like the Mayflower Colts are playing on a level clearly above the rest of the NFL.

Ghost Dog said...

Well, hey there, PI. Thanks for dropping in, and for the link on your blog.

Yeah, I think the Colts will probably go all the way. Nobody in the NFC is good enough to stop them.

Now, if the Steelers' OL had played up to their usual standards (I know, Marvel was hurt, Essex is a rook), We had a shot at beating Indy. Our defense played pretty well aside from Ike's brain cramp.

schlockstar said...

Yeah, I agree, Skybox is pretty "meh" for football. Check out Claudia's on Hawthorne or the Ram Big Horn in Lake Oswego. If you get a big enough group, you can pretty much hijack the wide-screen TV there. A bit sterile and clean and a bit of a drive, but decent beers on tap.

Go Bolts! Hey, someone has to root for the Chargers! ;)

Ghost Dog said...

Welcome, schlockstar. Thanks for dropping in, and for the tip. Claudia's is probably closest for me, but I'm willing to travel for a good place and good beer.