11 November 2005

CSI: Miami Sucks

The CBS programmers are crafty. They have 2 CSI shows in the top 10 of the Nielsen ratings (CSI at #1, CSI: NY at #9). But how to get all three of them in the top ten, when the one not in there sucks?

They had to do a special two-part episode with the clearly superior CSI: NY in order to get anyone to watch David Caruso. Not only that, but they had to pack the Miami episode with a rather eclectic mix of guest stars:

  • Peter Parros - he was "RC3" on "Knight Rider"
  • David Anders - remember "Julian Sark" from "Alias"? Yep, that guy. He's from Grant's Pass, OR, and has been on an episode of CSI (the original) before.
  • Elaine Hendrix - she was in the '98 remake of "The Parent Trap". Her and her impossibly-high-arched eyebrows were also on a CSI (the original) episode.
  • Rex Linn - he was in "Rush Hour" and "Cliffhanger". IMDB says he's a regular guest.
The wife and I love CSI: NY. Good characters, pretty good writing, not terribly predictable. However, we'd watched parts of a couple episodes of CSI: Miami some time ago and agreed that it sucked.

David Caruso's overacting seems to have infected most of that cast. Everybody's got some kind of exaggerated mannerism, but Caruso's drives me nuts. It's like he's trying to be the new Shatner or something, but just can't pull it off. He's too skinny and thin-necked to actually be half as bad-ass as he's trying to sound. Becky and I were making fun of him the entire time we watched both shows. We were even mocking him a little bit today. We might not ever stop.

The worst part of it was having to suffer through Caruso's bad acting more on the NY show than enjoying Gary Sinise's good acting on the Miami show.


Anonymous said...

peter parros who played the music executive was great