03 October 2005

That's So Darn Airwolf!

I was out bloghopping today, visiting some blogs I hadn't dropped in on in a while. Jen O. over at Quitty McQuitter posted about the blog search thing, which reminded me I wanted to see if I could find other blogs with stuff about Airwolf, since there have been at least 20 hits here from people searching for the theme song. I wanted to understand what the hubbub was. Y'know, besides the fact that the show was, and still is, awesome.

Well, I only got to one blog, Dave's Long Box, and found this post. The comments are just stellar.

Have a fully Airwolf day!


Jen O. said...

I am SO using Airwolf as an adjective from now on.

Mister Jinxy said...

With this post you have officially jumped the shark.

Ghost Dog said...


Oh wait...that's bad, right?