11 October 2005

Monday Night Football!

My Steelers won, 24-22. Jeff Reed kicked the game-winner with 6 seconds left. Big Ben got dinged up, but it doesn't seem serious (whew!). James Harrison had a great game, and The Bus got back on the field, making some crucial 3rd-down conversions.

But the reason I'm posting has nothing to do with football. The pre-game flyover was done by 4 USMC UH-60 (actually, not sure what variant exactly) helicopters. Not sure if it was ABC or the PA system at the Murph, but 'Ride of the Valkyries' (mmm...Wagner...) was playing while the helicopters were flying over the stadium. Personally, I much prefer helicopter flyovers to stupid ol' jets. With jets, the flyover is over way too soon. Gimme thundering rotor blades over whining jets any old time. You can appreciate that. Cool.


Mister Jinxy said...


When does the leg come off?

Ghost Dog said...

Tomorrow should be the day the doc tells me I can start physical therapy. Been walking on it for about a month now, and it feels pretty good.

Robert Paulson said...

I don't think the Marines have any 60 variant. The Navy has the SH, Army UH and MH, Air Force HH, and Coast Guard with the Jayhawk. The Jarheads still have Hueys. Nice formation though.


I beg to differ with my esteemed colleague Nestle Snipes on whether the US Marine Corp does operate Blackhawks. Though tactically they still operate the UH-1N, in the military district of Washington DC the marine corp operates the VH-60N which is VIP transport version, nice seats etc, and an avionics package that is similar to the Airforce HH-60D Nighthawk