29 October 2005

Madden 06: Steelers 35, Ravens 17

That was yesterday's result as I rode home on MAX. But I did something Cowher would probably never do: run a pass play from the opponent's 12 with 10 seconds left, up 28-17. I had them in the goal-line set, and decided "hey, it's the Ravens." So, instead of having Ben take a knee, I had him play-fake a run up the middle, then flip the ball to Heath runing a corner route for an easy touchdown. About as wide open as he was in Cincy last week.

I played 2 other games like that this week, and the scores were 28-18 and 28-7, so let's call the prediction 28-13. I don't see the Ravens getting 2 TDs on the Steelers D.

Oh, and speaking of the MAX ride home last night - it was another adventure of sorts. I got the full bus tour of the stops between the Hillsboro Fair Complex and 185th Ave stops. Something had caused a service interruption between the two stops, and I saw some Tri-Met guys working on the wires at Orenco Station. Haven't heard for sure what the deal was. Total commute time last night: 2 hrs 20 min.

Dear Sony,

Thank you for creating the PSP. Without it, I might have had to read or start a conversation with a fellow traveler. Instead, I got to kick the crap out of the Ravens in Madden 06.

Ghost Dog
Oh, and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories is out for the PSP. Might go pick that up this afternoon.


Breanna said...

i ought to write a similar letter to Mr. iPod. who needs community when i can listen to The Streets on a whim?

Tanya Kristine said...

football should be year round.

course it wouldn't seem like fall if that were the case...