07 October 2005

Finally Got Around To This - Franz Ferdinand @ Roseland

I finally got around to uploading the pic I took with my phone at the Franz Ferdinand show Monday night. My wife and I went with her youngest sister, Carrie, and we had a blast.

The band was great. I wasn't thrilled with the opening acts, but FF sounds really good live. They did a good job of engaging the crowd, too. Bummer it was on a Monday night. I would have loved to have stayed out later, but I get up hella early every day for work because of my hour-and-a-half MAX commute to Hillsboro.


tabitha jane said...

i'm going to the roseland in two weeks from tonight! yes!

Ghost Dog said...

Nifty! To see whom?

Major Clanger said...

Cool! This is the second or third time in the last few weeks that someone has told me that FF were good. So I listened to some previews on iTunes and bought some CDs. They rock!

Ghost Dog said...

You should catch them live whenever they come back to PDX. Great show! We ran right out an bought their new CD the day after the show.

tabitha jane said...

to see iron and wine.

great folksie sounding band. awesome lullabyish voice.
love them!