01 October 2005

Bye Week? No Problem

A little blurry, but that's what you get sometimes with a camera phone and my notoriously unsteady hands. After going to see Serenity with our good friends Ryan & Kelly, we ended up at the Mash Tun on NE Alberta in Portland. Can't think of a better follow-up to a great movie than great friends, great food, and great beer.

Oh, and the guy behind the bar at the Mash Tun was a Steelers fan. There's your capper.

Serenity was excellent. We'd seen more of Firefly (the series upon which Serenity is based) than R&K had, but we all thought the movie would have been just as enjoyable not knowing the characters. I enjoyed the dialogue, and I thought the visual effects and the camera work were very good.

The Mash Tun has the makings of a place we'll visit probably on a regular basis. Apparently, they were supposed to be ready to open with all their brewing equipment, but there was some problem with a sub-contractor or something, so we didn't get to try any of their own stuff. Hopefully soon.
You could tell the place used to be a shop of some sort, as the floor was concrete and there appeared to be oil stains from a vehicle in one spot. Pretty clean place besides that, and the staff was friendly and helpful.
The food was excellent. Onion rings were just superb, and my 'One Tun' burger was probably the best I've had in a long time. As much as I raved about the burgers at the Rogue Public House, this one was superior. The fries were kind of average, but it didn't really matter much to me.
On to the beer. I started out with a standby of sorts - a Full Sail Amber Ale. Ryan let me try a sip of his Young's Special London Ale, and I have to say it was pretty darn good stuff. After I finished my Amber, I was looking for something a little heartier, and found they had big bottles of the Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar on the menu, so I ordered one of those. What an interesting brew. Full-bodied and smooth, like most brown ales I've had, but the finish was unmistakably hazelnut. It was almost like I'd chased the beer with a hazelnut mocha or something. Very enjoyable beer. I ended up having a pint of the Young's after 2 of those Hazelnut Browns. Yummy.

No hangover, either.


Robert Paulson said...

We loved "Serenity" as well. Big game coming up next Monday night. As you may or may not know, I dig the Steelers second only to the Giants (who rebounded nicely this weekend after getting thrashed by the Chargers last week). I just tried a new Captain Morgans rum: "Tattoo." It is a tasty dark rum.

Ghost Dog said...

I just have one question - where did Burress buy his new hands?
I'm glad the Chargers crushed the Patsies yesterday, and looking forward to the MNF game the 10th. Wish I was going in-person...

Tanya Kristine said...

isn't serenity an offshoot of some mothball prophecy series or something? something like that..

i had 3 budweiser selects yesterday. i don't have a hangover either.

that's it; i'm moving to portland. our city SUCKS CRAP!

Ghost Dog said...

TK: I updated the post. Serenity is based on a series called Firefly.

Ryan said...

Hehe, thanks, as always it was a blast hanging out. I think I had one too many of the Young's though... felt a bit, er, "groggy" the next morning. hehe.