05 October 2005

Alameda Brickhouse Brown - yet another nifty micro

Alright, so this might be getting a little old for you non-Portlanders, but we went to yet another neat local brewpub with our super-cool friends Ryan & Kelly.

Tonight was all about Dine for America, a national fundraising event for the American Red Cross, helping the victims of the recent hurricanes. Over 17000 restaurants were participating nationwide, donating to the cause.

We did our part by dining at the Alameda Brew House in Portland. I had another great brewpub burger, which I would rate a little behind the one from the Mash Tun.

Now, the important bits: the beer. Ryan and I started out with the Black Bear XX Stout*, which I would certainly order again. It was smooth, and to me was very faintly reminiscent of Guinness, but didn't have its strength or fullness.
After a couple of those, our waitress mentioned that there were a few seasonals on tap. One of those was the Brickhouse Brown Ale, which I ordered. Ryan followed his stouts up with the Juniper Porter, and after having a sip of my brown, wished he'd made the same choice I did. The Brickhouse Brown was very smooth, almost as creamy as the stout was, but had a distinctly different finish. It's another one of those brews I wish wasn't just a seasonal. Fortunately, Alameda is bottling their seasonals, so I'll have the chance to take some home the next time we visit.

It was a decent night, so we ate outside. This sticker was on the window immediately to my left. The food and beer were so good, that it was indeed a hate-free zone.

All these pictures were taken from my camera phone. In case you were wondering.

* The Black Bear XX Stout recently won a Gold Medal at the Great American Beer Festival. From the 2005 medal winners PDF:
Category: 62 Foreign (Export)-Style Stout - 23 Entries
Gold: Black Bear XX Stout, Alameda Brewhouse, Portland, OR
Silver: Organic Chocolate Stout, Bison Brewing Co., Berkeley, CA
Bronze: Black Hole XXX Stout, Chelsea Brewing Co., New York, NY


Ryan said...

Yeah, when we got home it was difficult to not crack open the growler I had filled with the Black Bear XX Stout. Though, I'll be forced to have some tomorrow, wouldn't want it to go bad. :) mmmmm... stout.

I'm definately going to have to go back there sometime soon to enjoy the Brickhouse Brown on nitro. Too bad that didn't taste quite as good on CO2 otherwise I'd have had my growler filled with that.

beer good.