05 September 2005

Our Weekend In BFE

Well, Eastern Oregon. Elgin, to be more precise. We took the pup and packed up the Jeep and drove 5 hours to visit the in-laws. It's a pain-in-the-ass drive, but the area is beautiful and quiet.

Well, except for the nephews.

And the coyotes.

We had to camp out, because there were so many family members present, and my in-laws' house isn't big enough for us all and our dogs.

Also, we didn't bring the 'real' camera (an oversight on my part), but our new phones are camera phones, so I did manage to take a few shots. I didn't realize until I got home that I could set the image quality, so hopefully future photos from the phone will look better. Anyway, here they are. The first one up top is actually one of the last I took. My view from the tent this morning just after I woke up.

When we arrived, everyone else was already there. Here's the middle nephew, Nick, whacking away at a croquet ball. He's got a pretty decent stroke, but he's got to work on that accuracy...

Little Wooden Bear invites you to have a seat. I don't think he knows how to play that recorder thingy.

Phoebe thought it would be fun to play with the horses. They had fun (I think) chasing each other around the corral.

Here, Phoebe gets up close and personal with one of the horses. Apparently, she got a big ol' kiss from one of them later on, but I missed it.
I'm just glad she didn't get kicked or bitten. She's pretty quick, though, and seems to know when to back off.

Sunset, the first evening. I'd shut the phone off and tucked it away when I noticed even more beautiful red sky off to the right of this shot. I didn't feel like digging it out again.

Phoebe relaxes in the tent as my oldest nephew, Zack, looks on. Phoebe was playing with the other dogs in attendance - my sister-in-law's boxer, and my other sister-in-law's black lab mix - and was pretty darn tuckered out. She crashed out big time last night, and again on the way home today.

All in all, it was a pretty good trip. I got a little sunburnt, but drank plenty of Drop Top, spent some time in the in-laws' hot tub, and played with my nephews. Would have been better if we didn't have to pay just over $3/gallon for gas.


Mister Jinxy said...

Phoebe's getting big.

Ghost Dog said...

Nah, my nephews are runts. :)

I guess she is. I didn't notice until she was standing next to my sis-in-law's boxer, Cassie, this morning at the sliding door. Cassie used to dwarf Pheebs, but now Phoebe is only shorter by maybe 2" at the shoulder.

tabitha jane said...

pretty good pics for a camera phone . . .
eastern oregon is nice, if you like brown. but the stars out there are BEAUTIFUL!!

Ghost Dog said...

Thanks, TJ! Yeah, the stars are incredible out there on a clear night.

Major Clanger said...

Nice pics? What kind of phone is it?

Also, I had to look up BFE. Found a nice web site which explained it, but I'm still not sure what the Battle for Endor has to do with anything.

Ghost Dog said...

It's an Audiovox CDM-8910.

Heh, you should have gone with Acronymfinder's first result. :)