19 September 2005

In Honor Of 'Talk Like A Pirate Day'

I just have to mention that a recent SiteMeter glance revealed a visitor from Arrrr-gentina.

I know, terrible joke. Neat feature, though.


tabitha jane said...

was it really talk like a pirate day?

well, we watched a pirate movie while we dreadded my hair this weekend . . . come check out the pictures!

Ghost Dog said...

Aye, lass...it was, to be sure...arr...

Damn, it's hard to stop.

Ben said...

Yarrrrg. It sure is. Oh crap, wait, that was 2 days ago or something. Oh well.

Yeah statcounter is great for tons of useless information about your visitors. "Oh wow, look, they're using Windows 2000 to view my blog!"

Ghost Dog said...

Welcome, Ben.

My personal favorite after location and stuff is screen resolution. I like to mess with the stats by visiting a bunch of times from my PSP (480x272).