23 September 2005

Flattery Will Get You Linked...Probably

As I tend to do pretty much daily, I was perusing the SiteMeter reports for the ol' blog and found some visitors' Entry Page listed as some older posts. This always intrigues me, as usually my visitors are coming due to more recent posts, or the 'next blog' button, or from their Search Engine of Choice (those of you finding me by searching for the Airwolf theme: cool! there've been a lot lately).

Anyway, I found out that the reason for some recent traffic was a Very Nice Review (I loved the title) of sorts by one Jennifer Garrett, who set out some time ago to visit 100 blogs in 100 days. Yesterday was my turn, apparently, and it looks like she liked what she saw. So, I wanted to say a public 'thank you' for the kind words, as well as direct the attention of my 7 or so readers to what I think is an interesting undertaking and a nice blog. Even if she is a Patriots fan.


Mister Jinxy said...

That's such bullshit.

I never get cool stuff like that.

Only the haters talking about my Mom working at Denny's while giving handjobs to the short order cook.

And calling me a racist.

Damn Tojos.

number4of5 said...


I found your blog via Jen Garrett, she reviewed mine as well. I am here to say that you have a very nice blog, but the Steelers are going down this weekend. Down I tell you!

I have a friend who is a Steelers fan, so I can't resist the urge to talk smack.

Just think of this as a little friendly, we are going to kick you behind, message from a fellow blogger.

Good luck next weekend!

Ghost Dog said...

Jinxy-san: Besides nice reviews, one of the many advantages of being cool like me is that you don't get eaten by cannibals.

#4: Thanks for dropping by, but I have to respectfully disagree with you about the Steelers this weekend. The Patsies couldn't beat the Panthers last week, and they won't beat the Steelers this week. Too much Troy Polamalu, not enough Charley Weis. Just facts.

number4of5 said...

I hate to say I told you so...

Ghost Dog said...

Yeah, yeah.

The Patsies did a good job keeping Parker in check. Too bad about Harrison, though.

Breanna said...

i knew it was only a matter of time before you made it BIG.