26 September 2005

Cruel Joke, Or Smart Placement?

So, I was reflecting on my last visit to my orthopedic surgeon today, because I have another visit scheduled for next week. I don't know why my mind wandered into this space, but I found myself wondering about the numerous sports- and recreation-based magazines in the waiting room.

For those of us injured folks who can't pursue some of those activities, it almost seems like a cruel reminder of what we can't do. The magazines taunt us. Mocking us and our pain.

Hey...'Skiing'...sweet. Oh, wait - I'm having knee surgery. Well, *that's* out.
Hey...'Golf'. Wow, Tiger's looking good. Oh, an article about curing my slice. Oh, wait - my shoulder's all torn up and probably needs surgery. Well, *that's* out.
Hm. Yeah, that's probably the 'glass-half-empty' approach. You'd hope the doc and his staff weren't like that. Sure wouldn't be very nice of them, would it?

I prefer to think of it as fuel, myself. So, go ahead. Show me that stuff. Make me want to get healthy, go do it.

I want to play Flag Football again. I want to get my legs back into shape not only for that, but for skiing as well. My right quad was sore after the first week of walking on it, post-crutches. Hell, I'd be happy in the short term with being able to chase the dogs around the yard. Fuel, motivation, inspiration, call it whatever you like. Smart, isn't it?

But I can see the cynic's side of it. I was the cynic for a few minutes today.


tabitha jane said...

it's like when i had mono and my spleen got huge and then i couldn't play broom ball with my friends on the ice rink. . .

Ghost Dog said...

Did your doctor have a broom ball magazine in the waiting room? :)