16 September 2005

Another Post About SiteMeter...Sort Of

I check my SiteMeter stats pretty regularly and noticed what I initially thought was a disturbing trend. I've seen an awful lot of hits lately coming from various search engines where people are looking for "mean pit bull pics" or "pit bull attack pics" or the like. I hope they aren't searching on those keywords to build a case against good dogs who were provoked by idiots, or against the poor Pits that are mistreated by irresponsible owners (go after the owners if you want justice!).

That said, I'm glad those people are finding this blog. I hope they're finding the links at the right that take you to sites with the real scoop on Pit Bulls. I hope they're learning something. I hope they're seeing the posts about my Pit Bull, Phoebe, and seeing what a great dog she is, despite my referring to her as "Land Shark", and posting "attack" pictures. Rest assured that the only thing in any danger is her toys, or sticks. She chases off the stray cats that enter the (fenced!) back yard, but doesn't harm our own cat. Well, not physically, anyway.

Thankfully, the searches most often lead them to this post. Again, I hope they're learning something. Most notably, the stupidity and wastefulness of Breed-Specific-Legislation.

It's the owners, people.

And, as much as I hate to see dogs put down, even I understand when the animals that attack people need to be put down. I'd prefer the animals get re-trained and placed in a loving home, but sometimes it just can't work out like that.

UPDATE: Maybe the people in Lincoln City should read up, since they want to ban the breed instead of holding the owners responsible for their negligence and/or stupidity. 1500+ KATU viewers have so far voted against such a ban 75% to 23%, with 2% unsure. Let's hope the city council there doesn't ban them. Sounds like at least one city councilmember considers it an extreme measure.

I do feel bad for the guy who was attacked there recently, and his little dog too. Certainly unfortunate, but dog-aggression was the likely cause. Unfortunately, Pit Bulls do tend to be more dog-aggressive than other breeds, but that doesn't excuse the fact that whoever owned them should not have left them in a position to roam free. The owner probably also failed to properly socialize the dogs early, which is something every Pit Bull owner should do to prevent or reduce dog-aggression.