21 August 2005


Phoebe was looking out the front window this afternoon and saw a stray cat walking down our street, so she thought she'd rush outside and bark at it.
Most nice days when it's not too hot, we leave the sliding glass door open and just close the screen door. That door has been torn at the bottom (she did that, pawing at it to get in), allowing the dog the freedom to come and go as she pleases when we're home. So her rushing out the door at a full clip isn't usually a problem.

Today, she didn't realize the sliding glass door had been closed. Or realized it too late. I didn't see it - I heard it. Whump!!

Fortunately, she doesn't appear to have a broken nose or anything, and the glass is still intact. She seems to be back to normal after a nice little nap.


puremood said...

What a beaute! The photo is nicely captured! :)

Ghost Dog said...

Thanks! There's lots more of her posted throughout. She's such a Daddy's girl, too.

punkindunkin said...

she's adorable!

great shot btw. she's got the perfect look and the picture window is a good backdrop.


if butter pats could quickly walk

Major Clanger said...

I hope there were no lasting effects. I remember my dog doing them when I was a kid! In fact, kids to this too. They have to put signs on glass doors so people can see 'em!

Ghost Dog said...

Thanks, punkindunkin. She works so hard at being adorable. Appreciate the photographic kudos as well, especially coming from you.

She seems to be just fine, Major Clanger - up to her usual tricks.

allison said...

pits are one of my fav. breeds. they are soo misunderstood. any dog is going to attack if you leave it on a chain in the yard all day. so sad. i think my next dog will be a blue nose.