10 August 2005

Well, There's One Good Lobbyist

From the OregonLive! article Eat, drink, be merry, Salem tells Oregonians:

"Paul Romain, who lobbies on behalf of beer and wine makers, said Oregon's robust winery and microbrewery industry helps keep tax increases at bay. He objected to the 'sin tax' label sometimes applied to alcohol.

'Wine is used in religious ceremonies all over the world,' Romain said. 'And drinking beer can be a near religious experience, especially if it's a good Oregon microbrew.'"

Dude knows what he's talking about.


Anonymous said...

Before you sing too many praises you should know that Romain has been the largest obstacle to getting the OLCC out of the booze monopoly.

Beer and wine may have the fourth lowest tax in the country, but hard alcohol has the 3rd highest government markup (tax).

Romain is paid by the folks who would like to keep it that way.

Fewer choices for tipplers, he plays the state regulatory system to tilt the playing field for his clients.

Ghost Dog said...

Hm. Well, he's dead-on about a good Oregon microbrew being a religious experience, which was what I was agreeing with, and really the only thing I was praising him for.

But thanks for the info, whoever you are.

Tanya Kristine said...

well it's certainly religious for me since most of the time i'm saying "oh god, oh god, ohgod..." and then i pray something about i'll never do this again...

...or something like that.

MerchMikey said...

Well maybe the annoying hipsters out there should put down the PBR and pick up a local micro.

Mister Jinxy said...

Where are you, you drunk?

Ghost Dog said...

Been spending all my Internet time preparing for Fantasy Football. 'Preciate the concern, Jinxy-san.