22 August 2005

Now Why Didn't THIS Make 'Blogger News'??

Perhaps the single biggest annoyance on my blog, and I'm sure, the blogs of many others...is the dreaded comment spam. Blogger just recently enabled Word Verification For Comments.

Why aren't they trumpeting this innovation from the tallest mountain? Instead, we get told about the (probably useless...to me anyway) Blogger extension thingy for MS Word. Big frackin' deal.

Guess I'll have to do the trumpeting for them. [Insert trumptety fanfarey music here]


puremood said...

I wondered why so many wasn't aware. I had noticed a few of my blogger friends had it and others didn't.. I mentioned it to those who didn't and they were totally unaware.

P.S. In reply to your comment, I always drive, too. The husband doesn't mind.

rebecca marie said...

right on, thanks for spreading the good word.

punkindunkin said...

Let's scream it from the mountain tops!

Thanks GD!!!

JJ said...

I know, I just happened to see it on someone's blog and immediately implemented it on mine after getting a three page IPO announcement in my comments section.

SUKSE (Verification Letters)

Susan Undresses Karl So Easily

Ghost Dog said...

Glad I could help. Seems silly to have to do it on your own blog, though.

JJ - that's funny. The verification letters-as-acronym thing could be the next big blog phenomenon...

The Complimenting Commenter said...

I totally agree with you. They should be publishing it. I believe it was on their blog, but that's it. Thanks for making others more aware. Great job.

Mister Jinxy said...

Hey, did you have a problem with Firefox when you first loaded it? I downloaded the browser yesterday, but noticed that the images are very slow to download.
Do you have a fix for this or is it just going to be that way?

Ghost Dog said...

I have noticed that on some sites that happens, but not all. I think IE and Firefox handle image download/display a little differently. Haven't really looked into it.