23 August 2005

My '80s Dorkiness Du Jour

A favorite show of my childhood is back!
Yep, String and Dom are coming to visit my DVD player, courtesy of NetFlix, and they're bringing Archangel with them.

Oh, and there's the helicopter, too.

I've been biding my time for this one, watching old Knight Rider re-runs, thanks to the SciFi Network. Yeah, KITT is cool and everything, with the Turbo Boost, and the Molecular Bonded Shell, but helicopters kick way more ass than cars. 'Specially bad-ass (mostly) black helicopters that go hella fast and blow up stuff.

Uh oh...another theme tune stuck in my head...

UPDATE: Unlike Knight Rider, this show was just as cool as I remembered it being. However, I do find myself finding faults here and there with the names of various weapons systems they talk about. Like the Mirage fighter they talk about that's actually a MiG-17 (I think), but showed up on Airwolf's threat display as a MiG-23. (I know...shut up, Ghost Dog - it's only a TV show)


MerchMikey said...

Hey remember that short lived show "Automan" or Max Headroom"? They all pretty much blow upon revisting them today. I wonder if Miami Vice still holds up.

Ghost Dog said...

I remember both of those! Loved them both back then. I watched some Max Headroom a couple years ago, and I still thought it was okay. Would love to catch an Automan rerun if anyone ever played them (are you listening, SciFi Network?).

Spinning Girl said...

I LOVED Knight Rider. And I am not ashamed.


I was a BIG fan of the show myself. I am not a member of Netflix yet, but will be shortly.