20 August 2005

Last Weekend Of Gimpitude...Hopefully

So, I'm sitting inside, since it's nice and cool in here, be-bopping around the web. Hopefully, this is the last weekend I spend indoors due to my recovering ankle. The next Steelers preseason game is tomorrow on NFL Network, so I've got nothing better to do. Let the rambling begin.

The ankle looks pretty good. I'm so anxious to get walking again, but I hope I don't overdo it, or worse - find out I'm stuck on crutches for a while longer.

I've been replacing the usual "F-word" with "Frack", a la Battlestar Galactica. So far, only a small number of puzzled looks. Gotta be careful about over-use.

This is funny. I like that brown monster known as Domo-kun. There's a bunch of videos floating around the web with him. Apparently, he's a mascot for a Japanese TV station. More about Domo-kun.
That would be a cool Halloween costume, too, but as with the Gizmonics jumpsuit, it might only serve to confuse people. Ah, SFW.

We just got invited to a housewarming party for our next-door neighbors. Guess I'd better get cleaned up and ready to go.


Major Clanger said...

BSG is fracking great! FYI, Ron Moore, the producer, does an audio commentary each week which is very much like a DVD commentary track...