16 August 2005

I've Been Tagged - Music Style

MerchMikey, over at Tinymeat hit me with this new-to-me concept of blog-tag-whatever-it-is. Saw something similar over at Bad Diary Days.
The deal, for this one:
"List ten songs that you are currently digging … it doesn’t matter what genre they are from, whether they have words, or even if they’re no good, but they must be songs you’re really enjoying right now. Post these instructions, the artists, and the ten songs in your blog. Then tag five other people to see what they’re listening to."

Hm. Do I even have 5 readers? *shrug*

Well, here goes. I'd warn you, but it wouldn't do any good. In no particular order, straight off the Memory Stick in my PSP at this very moment:

  1. The Toasters - "Modern World America"
  2. The Killers - "All These Things That I've Done"
  3. The Who - "Won't Be Fooled Again"
  4. Led Zeppelin - "Rock and Roll"
  5. Warren Zevon - "Lawyers, Guns, and Money"
  6. The Toasters - "Dog Eat Dog"
  7. The Specials - "Rudy, A Message To You"
  8. The Selecter - "On My Radio"
  9. Fishbone - "Just Allow"
  10. Modest Mouse - "Float On".

I hereby taggeth:

Y'all are "it", I guess.


MerchMikey said...

Nice job.
Some Old School, a little ska and some new stuff.
BTW, they repaved I-89 between Burlington and Tafts Corner with the same old shit. Bastards.

Ghost Dog said...


That section of 89 has pretty much always been rutty, if I recall correctly. I haven't been back in a few years.

tabitha jane said...

mmmmm . . . modest mouse.

tabitha jane said...

i'll post my ten later today.

Mister Jinxy said...

Johnny Cash - Hey Porter
Johnny Cash - Sunday Morning Coming Down
Johnny Cash - Don't Take Your Guns To Town
Johnny Cash - The Kneeling Drunkard's Plea
Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around

I'll post more when my iPod is fixed and I know what the Hell I'm talking about.

Ghost Dog said...

What, no 'Ring of Fire'??