25 August 2005

I've Been Tagged Again - Seven Sevens Style

Jen O, over at Quitty McQuitter, tagged me. Looks like it's seven lists of seven things. I like the number seven. Behind 13 and 43, it's my favorite number. Anyway, enough about me, let's get on to...me.

7 Things I Plan To Do Before I Die:

  1. Have or adopt a child
  2. Go to Heinz Field and see a home Steelers Game
  3. Go to PNC Park and see a home Pirates Game
  4. Go on a second honeymoon somewhere beautiful and tropical
  5. Go back to Europe
  6. Brew at least one batch of my own beer
  7. Either join the Ski Patrol or start ski racing again
7 Things I Can Do

  1. Grill steak
  2. Throw a nice tight spiral with a football
  3. Own The City in NFL Street 2 for the PSP
  4. Configure various networking devices
  5. Take panoramic photographs
  6. Memorize nearly-useless information
  7. Snow ski better than you
7 Things I Cannot Do

  1. Walk without a limp (hopefully not for too much longer)
  2. Write computer programs
  3. Speak Mandarin Chinese
  4. Breakdance
  5. Water ski on one ski
  6. Hit my driver without a nasty slice
  7. Resist adorable dogs who want attention
7 Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex

  1. Red or auburn hair
  2. Intelligence
  3. A sexy arch to the eyebrows (and the ability to raise one independent of the other)
  4. Sense of humor
  5. A nice smile
  6. A nice body
  7. Creativity
7 Things That I Say Most Often

  1. "Oh, [that's just friggin'] marvelous."
  2. "That's [absolutely] stellar."
  3. "I love you, too, B." (to the wife)
  4. "Heyyy, pup-pup." (to the dog)
  5. "Rock 'n' roll."
  6. "Yup."
  7. "Are you frackin' kidding me? What now?"
7 Celebrity Crushes

  1. Eva Mendes
  2. Gillian Anderson
  3. Julianne Moore
  4. Rene Russo
  5. Izabella Scorupco (Goldeneye, Vertical Limit)
  6. Carla Gugino
  7. Patricia McPherson (Bonnie from Knight Rider, my first celebrity crush ever)
7 People I Want To Do This

  1. Tabitha Jane
  2. Jinxy-san
  3. Major Clanger
  4. MerchMikey
  5. Punkindunkin
  6. Brett (AKA Dieselboi)
  7. RT

That was kinda fun. Happy F-Around Friday, folks.


Mister Jinxy said...

Maybe. But this has to stop.

You like Carla Gugino?

She was great in Sin City as the one handed lesbian parole officer.

tabitha jane said...

Red or auburn hair --check
Intelligence --check
A sexy arch to the eyebrows (and the ability to raise one independent of the other) --check
Sense of humor --check
A nice smile --check
A nice body --check
Creativity --check

got it!


i've read sin city . . . but haven't seen it. i don't like violence too much. but i do like fight club and pulp fiction . . .

ok, i'll do this list, but probably not until next week. thanks for the tag!

Ghost Dog said...

How will I restrain myself if we ever meet, TJ?

JJJJ: Yep, I like Carla. She was looking mighty good in "The One" (w/Jet Li).

Jen O. said...

These tags are becoming like the chain letters of my (our?) youth -- you don't really want to do it, but you don't want to be the one who breaks the chain and disappoint the person who tagged you. Thanks for not disappointing.

My mom sent me a chain letter the other day with two scratch-off lottery tickets. I was then supposed to buy two lottery tickets for each of five people. Or something. Oy.

punkindunkin said...

group hug!

I'm such a dork because this is the first time I've ever been tagged and I'm absolutly giddy. And I don't even know if I have seven fellow bloggers to do this to.

Robert Paulson said...

I don't know what tagging is, but I assume that MY name was omitted because of the good chance I would ignore it.

"I find your lack of faith disturbing." (Insert Force choke)

Ghost Dog said...

Well, Snipes, you did blow off the last one. I figured you're too busy for such folly, what with fighting fires from the air and all that. :)

rebecca marie said...

hee hee heee... i was watching saved by the bell the other day (go ahead and laugh, but i bet you all watch it, too) and carla gugino was on it! it was an early one, and zach had lied to her that he was a sophomore, not a freshman. oh, that zach, always up to no-good-double-crossin. also, remember her from son-in-law with pauly shore? dang, why do i know so much about her?

Robert Paulson said...

What last one??? I have got to stop sniffing glue for breakfast.

Major Clanger said...

OK, just this once, I've posted a partial reply! I only filled in 4 of the lists.

Ghost Dog said...

This one, Snipes-san. Music stuff.

Ghost Dog said...

Oh, and Kate Winslet should make my celebrity crush list, like at #3a. Just an unfortunate twist of fate that she didn't make the list. Like the Thanksgiving 1998 Coin Toss (fellow Steelers fans know what I'm talking about).

MerchMikey said...

Ahh Shit!
OK OK I"ll do it. Then I'm gonna tag 5 others and make go through this rigamarole

Ghost Dog said...

This is all your fault, MM. I wouldn't have gotten into this mess if you hadn't tagged me in the first place with that music stuff. :)

tabitha jane said...

i guess we can just never meet. :)

haven't done my 7s yet, but i will! i promise!