28 August 2005

Ghost Dog Review: Laurelwood Public House

Went out last night to the Laurelwood Public House & Brewery. We'd never been there before, and having had one of their brews at the Oregon Brewers Festival last month, we figured we'd give it a shot.

The verdict: We'll go back.

It was a little more 'open' than I expected, with high ceilings, and lots of windows. Seemed a little more brightly lit than you might expect a pub to be. We waited only a moment or two before we were seated, and the booth we sat in was comfortable. The place wasn't packed by any stretch, but it wasn't empty. Nice relaxed unassuming place.

The service was pretty decent. We got in there just a little after 9pm, so the 9-to-close Happy Hour had just begun. Not only were the beers cheaper, but some of the food as well. The happy hour burgers aren't the biggest you'll find, but they're not bad for the $3.75 or whatever they were. The fries that came with the burgers were excellent. So good, in fact, that we ordered another basket of them. Beer-battered and delicious.

Speaking of the beer, let me get to the whole point of this post. With my burger, I had the Ettinger Amber Ale, which is an Alt-style amber ale. Very good stuff - smooth and with a nice malty finish, just the way I like my Ambers.
After I finished my burger, I decided to try at least two more brews from the menu, since the Amber was so good. I tried the Space Stout, which was described as having rich coffee and chocolate flavors. It was a tasty stout, and I could really taste the roasted malts.
Later, I sampled the Free Range Red, which didn't suit me like I'd hoped. I must not have seen where it said "60 IBU" on the menu, or I might have skipped it altogether. It was a decent-flavored red ale, but too bitter for my liking. (Note: this beer, and the Boss I.P.A. are the only two beers on the menu that haven't won any awards. The Boss is listed at 70 IBU.)
Glad I only got the sample and not a whole pint. I'll have another Amber, please.

The tunes were an interesting mix of '80s stuff, from Men At Work to Depeche Mode to Madness, and even some 2-tone ska. I'm pretty sure it wasn't The Selecter's version of it, but I heard "Too Much Pressure", which pretty much made my night.


Torrid said...

top to bottom, the best portland brewery IMO. Other places have one or maybe two beers that are somewhat better, but Laurelwood has the broadest selection of beers that are very high quality.

Ghost Dog said...

I'm going to have to visit more of them if I'm to make such an assertion. That should be fun.

Breanna said...

thanks for the review. i'm always looking for new places to frequent.

About two years ago Old Chicago did this "world beer tour" thing which featured 100 beers from all over. admittedly, old chicago is not the place to go for fantastic beer per se, but it was fun to try them all...and they tracked how many you tried and you won prizes the further up you went. that was a good summer.

Ghost Dog said...

The World Beer Tour is an ongoing feature of Old Chicago. I go there to get my Wolaver's fix, since I can't find it elsewhere nearby (yet). Plus, the Turkey Stromboli is excellent.

The wife and I are stalled at somewhere over 60 different beers. She drinks the light American crap so I don't have to. :)