16 August 2005

Fantasy Football Has Begun

Well, it's that time of year again. My FFL haunt of the last few seasons, Steinwielders.com, has packed it in for this season. So, I've been given the opportunity to join a Yahoo! league this time around. Should be fun. Our league draft was this past Sunday, so let's get to it. Introducing your 2005 Big Steamin' Load*:


  • Peyton Manning
  • Trent Green
  • Byron Leftwich

Backs & Receivers:

  • Ahman Green
  • Rudi Johnson
  • Travis Henry
  • Michael Bennett
  • Nate Burleson
  • Anquan Boldin
  • Lavernues Coles
  • Bubba Franks
  • Jimmy Smith
  • Eric Johnson


  • Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Houston Texans
  • James Farrior
  • Troy Polamalu
  • Ty Law
  • Darren Sharper
  • Jevon Kearse
  • Terrell Suggs
  • Patrick Surtain

And the Kickers:

  • Jason Elam
  • Mike Vanderjagt

Not too shabby, I think. We'll see after the Preseason is over with, though, since there's plenty of opportunity for my star players to get hurt, forcing me into trolling the waiver wire or begging to trade with some sucker.

*Team Name Backstory: My first season of FF was such a remarkable disaster (aside from my ability to pick winners 70% of the time in the weekly NFL matchups), that I got the usual barbs from my league mates about how my team was stinking up the joint. Originally dubbed the 'Hombres de Acero' (Men of Steel), I renamed the team. In a classic example of my trademark self-deprecation, they became the "Big Steamin' Load". Seemed fitting, since they were a big steaming load of crap that year. The following year, I called them the "Big Steamin' ReLoaded". I was hoping for a more freight-train-esque connotation of "Steamin'" and wanted to take a swipe at the second Matrix film. The results were only marginally improved. Since "Big Steamin' Revolutions" would sound silly, I just went back to "Load" the year after that and stuck with it. Riveting story, I know...it's my blog, I'll write what I want.


The Mad Hoosier said...

I have decided to wait until closer until the start of the season this year. I always seem to get burnt by starting too early in the FFL season. There always seems to be someone getting hurt during the preseason, or someone snatches that unknown player up before I log on late at night to check my teams, etc.

Luckily I don't play my FFL based on my real favorite team...otherwise I'd already be cursing Rex Grossman and Cedric Benson. I'm still cursing them, just not because they have ruined my FFL teams. :)

Ghost Dog said...

Hey TMH!

Usually, I don't start FFL until the end of August, but for some reason the guys running the league I joined decided the draft would be last weekend. I don't like to draft guys I haven't seen in the pre-season.

I play Steelers on my FFL teams usually when I think they're the best (or best available) at their position. Like Farrior and Polamalu - both Pro-Bowl guys last year, had good seasons, and have continued to look good in camp.