25 August 2005

Ankle Post-Op #2: Good Enough News...

...but not as good as I'd hoped. The doc says he really wants to be cautious. The X-rays we took today look promising, and I've got good motion, but still some pain in certain spots. He says I can walk now, without the crutches, just don't walk very far or very often. Shuffling about the house and office is fine, but "no walking around the mall or anything" for 2 more weeks.

For the longer trips, I can go with a single crutch or a cane to limit the amount of weight I put on the injured foot. Two weeks of that, and he says I can start walking unassisted for greater distances.

I go back to see him in six weeks, and then we'll do another set of X-rays and probably talk about the Physical Therapy regimen.

A little disappointing, since I'd hoped he would tell me I can huck the crutches into the ocean or something, but it makes sense, given what was done. And I can at least carry my own damn lunch and my laptop to meetings and all that crap.

Clumsy Idiot Moment: I rolled my good ankle trying to hop down the steps at the Hollywood MAX station. I was in a rush to make the Hospital shuttle, and had a nice little misstep. Fortunately, I didn't roll it too badly and it barely swelled up. I iced it and had a beer when I got home. Still shaking my head at myself for that one.


MerchMikey said...

Yeah ankles. We're not kids anymore. MistressTinymeat has had recurring ankle injuries and in spite of my plees to "get that looked at" she continues to reinjure it at least once a year. The latest was a rolled ankle in the goudged out chunk of grass left by the snow plow.
Gotta take care of that stuff.

Ghost Dog said...

We certainly aren't.

You should tell the mistress the story of my right shoulder. I injured it on and off for six years and ended up having to have reconstructive surgery (Five and a half hours on the operating table!) and 6 grueling months of rehab on it. The first few weeks were excruciating, owing to the need to break up scar tissue. Had I taken care of it earlier, I could have had a 'scope job done, which is an out-patient procedure that takes about an hour and a half, then maybe 2 months of rehab.

My wife won't go get her foot looked at either. She stubs her toe a LOT. I know she's got a bone spur, at least.