01 August 2005

Again with the camera phone wish...again

Or, at least I wish I hadn't been on crutches at the Beer Festival yesterday. I would have brought my digi cam and captured some of the funny T-shirts I saw. The one I remember clearly, though, was one that said:

If you don't talk to your cat about catnip, who will?

Alright, kitty - what's your anti-drug? Must be food. Look at that pudgy cat!

Our Maggie - die Deutsche katze


tabitha jane said...

your cat is german?

Ghost Dog said...

Jawohl. 100% Kraut-kitty. (I'm half-kraut myself, before anyone gets testy).

I was in the Army stationed in Germany from '93-'96, and we were allowed to have pets in our barracks, provided they didn't stink up the joint. In spring of 1994, a friend's German girlfriend's cat had kittens. She couldn't keep them all, so I adopted Maggie.

tabitha jane said...

my grandfather's family is polish/german.
i lived in germany for a total of 5 months and my husband and i might be moving back there as soon as next summer!
where were you stationed?

Ghost Dog said...

I was stationed at Fliegerhorst Kaserne in Hanau/Erlensee. We had an apartment in Neuberg-Ravolzhausen, where there was this great restaurant called the Ranfoldskeller. I miss Germany.

tabitha jane said...

me too.

i lived in Hildesheim most of the time i was there. traveled a bit to hannover, heidelberg, berlin, and some smaller towns and villiages.

can't wait to go back!

Ghost Dog said...

I wish I'd had a better camera when I was over there. I should scan some of the decent photos I took back then, maybe post them as sort of a retrospective.

Ha, listen to me. Retrospective. Like I'm some famous traveler. *chuckle*

tabitha jane said...

famous or not, i'd love to see your pictures.