02 July 2005

Viva Las Vegas

Well, the birthday trip to Vegas was flat awesome. Well, except for a few minor inconveniences. First, the flight we were supposed to catch at 1:20pm was delayed until about 7:30pm. The good news? They put us on an earlier flight at no charge. The bad news? We had to go to Sacramento first.

Lousy airport. The good news? We got into Vegas at around 5:30pm. More good news - we were in row 13 (my favorite number, and lucky for me anyway) on the flight from Portland to Sacramento, and on Flight 113 (close enough) from Sac-town to Vegas. It would prove lucky from a gambling standpoint, but not from a getting-our-luggage-at-a-reasonable-time standpoint...

A panoramic view from our room (best I could do from behind all that rosy glass):

The bad news? Our luggage didn't arrive when we did. I think it was 1:30am before the hotel desk called our room to tell us they were bringing it up. Turns out our bag never made it from the plane we were supposed to get on to the one we actually did get on.

Between the time we arrived and the time we went back to our room to await our luggage, we ate at the ESPN Zone (great burgers!), and wandered all around the casino at New York New York. We didn't want to wander too far in case our luggage did finally show up, so the planned stroll down the strip and visit to the Hilton to see the Star Trek stuff was canned. We gambled a bit and won some, then lost it. Got 2 free t-shirts from the hotel, thanks to the Players Club card - one for it being my birthday, and the other when I'd gambled enough at the slots to earn 100 points. Whee!

Day 2 was spent wandering over to the nearby hotels/casinos and doing some more gambling.

MGM Grand:


A look down the strip, during the day:

The door handles at New York New York are pretty neat:

MGM Grand at night. What's odd about the MGM is that there's a bar/club inside called "Studio 54". Wouldn't you think that's supposed to be at New York New York? Eh, whatever. Had to laugh at this drunk chick yelling at her boyfriend to "get me the hell out of this casino!"

The second night, we ate at Gonzalez y Gonzalez in NY NY. Good fajitas, and I had some Sin City Amber Ale - good beer. Becky had one of those giant Daiquiris in the "yard" cups. She was nursing that thing most of the night. We decided that since we were catching an early flight the next day, that we'd try to pull an all-nighter. We were up drinking and gambling until about 3:45am, then took a catnap from 4:30 to around 5:20, hit the airport around 6am to make our 8am flight back to Portland. We won most of our money after midnight!

The Excalibur looks pretty cool at night. The shaft of light is from the top of the pyramid at the Luxor. Apparently, the light can be seen from space.

The Bellagio. We walked up just minutes before the water show began. Way cool. I shot some video, but haven't spliced all the clips together. Wish my camera could do continuous video instead of just 30-second (or less) clips. I missed the finale.

More bright lights in Sin City - the Aladdin, Paris, and the Monte Carlo:

Ah, the ESPN Zone. I could have spent all of my winnings on throwing footballs and eating/drinking in that place. Lots of cool arcade games and sports-related skill games.

One of the brighter entrances to our hotel:

The flight home went off without a hitch. Nice to see Mt. Hood again:

We didn't get to see or do some of the stuff we wanted to, but coming home nicely on the plus side in terms of gambling more than made up for it. Got a free ride on the NY NY coaster and $100 to spend at NY NY shops and restaurants, thanks to the folks giving condo spiels about the new Tahiti Villiage resort that's being built. We sat through what we thought was going to be a boring presentation, but it turned out to be kind of fun. They tried really hard to get us to buy a condo at the new resort, but all I was interested in was my $100 and the coaster ride.

UPDATE: Those of you finding this post via search engines, and perhaps hoping for some clips of the Bellagio Dancing Water Fountain Thingy, here's the link so you don't have to hunt all over my blog for it.


Mister Jinxy said...

"Bright light city gonna set my soul, gonna set my soul on fire!"


Nice pics. Happy B-Day.

Ghost Dog said...

Thanks, JJJj.

The missus never ceases to amaze. We got back from Vegas, and she says, "Oh, I forgot to give you something," and hands me an autographed copy of Make Love The Bruce Campbell Way. Apparently, he'd been to the local Borders for a boook signing and signed a handful with random phrases in each. Mine says "Come get some!"


tabitha jane said...

of all the hotels in vegas, i'd have to say the venetian is my favorite. it has a CANAL going through the middle of it and you can take a gondola ride through the whole huge place! it is painted to feel like you are outside in venice (clouds and sky on the ceiling and false store fronts, etc). i think there was a krispy kreme inside too . . . wild city!
glad you had fun and that your luggage got there before you left!

aughra said...

Hey, I don't drink and don't much gamble - convince me that Vegas is a vacation destination for me...

Ghost Dog said...

What, all the pretty lights aren't enough? You could go just to laugh at the people on the street corners handing out cards/flyers for strippers. Some of them even had shirts on that said "Strippers - Direct to YOU!". The wife and I are working on a stripper trading card game to play if we go to Vegas with a group of friends.

Ryan said...

Bummer you didn't have time to go to the Star Trek deal at the Hilton. Maybe next time.

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